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Possible prequel

Since Jo's going to be a while doing the art for the first week of story (she's having to learn some new graphics software, and going on holiday I believe, so it's understandably going to be a little while), I'll probably do a text-prequel to the story next week, just to get things rolling a bit more (I'm getting a bit bored, because obviously I've written a chunk of script in advance, and I plotted out a large story arc before even suggesting the idea). I'd been thinking of this for a while, but talking with commonswings just now about the supplementary material in comics like Watchmen (I *do* read comics that aren't by Alan Moore, honestly - it's just he did everything any comic writer wants to do, before anyone else really) has pushed me to do something.

There are two possibilities I'm looking at using at the moment, the first is to do something along the lines of a newspaper report set in the 'present' commemorating the tenth anniversary of stuff in the 'flashback' parts of the story, using some of Jo's rough sketches as B&W newspaper photographs. The other, and more appealing idea, is that I might try to make the thing seem like reading an actual comic book from a parallel universe, and maybe do something like the old Meanwhile... columns Dick Giordano used to do for DC, or a letters page or something... not sure yet...expect something on Monday or Tuesday...
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