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nomoreheroes' Journal

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21st October 2004


The last two pages are inked.
I'd love to tone them, but looking at the ammount of time it took to ink them! : S
Lettering should be next. I hate lettering. I really can't spell!

19th September 2004

pickled_jo8:06pm: Third Page inked:

30th August 2004

pickled_jo6:02pm: Had some spare time yesterday so pencilled and inked 2 pages for NMH.
I'd like to pencil tone and letter them too before they are finishe - but must pencil and ink the other pages before I do that...

27th August 2004

pickled_jo10:31pm: I may not have come out with any full pages of comic recently but I have been attempting to draw them. I'm not happy with what i've been coming out with recently though. I think i'm havein a bit of a creative block.

Here are a couple of ok pics of the main bad guy that i've come out with. I doubt I will use either of them in the comic. I quickly coloured them just now as i'm in a colouring mood...

Current Mood: artistic

23rd July 2004

pickled_jo4:31pm: I finally found some spare time to work on personal projects instead of things for other people so I started drawing up the comic.

This was the first image I did.

I really like the style but it took me FOREVER to do the one pic. So it would take a liftime to do the whole strip!!! It would be nice to use it along the way though.

I re pencilled that image (as well as the rest of the page) this morning. I'll scan it as soon as it's finished.

6th May 2004

stealthmunchkin9:49pm: Another possible way to go with this?

Lulu.com (a self-publishing site) are getting into comics in a big way. I'm writing some actual *book* type books that will be sold through there anyway, so we might try them - they'll actually be *promoting* the comics they have... I've asked for more details about this, but depending on when they need samples to do the promotion, I'd say we should go for a 22-page initial issue, and make it both a webcomic *and* buyable through Lulu. Thoughts?

Anyway, I'm off to bed...

4th May 2004

pickled_jo8:29pm: I did 3 more rough pages for No More Heroes over the weekend.

My scanner is crap and wouldn't scan the whole page - Which has made me realise I need to do the final pages less than A4 :( Which is the opposite of what I wanted to do.
Because it didn't manage to scan the whole page some of the drawing and text is missed off.

21st March 2004

stealthmunchkin9:24am: Possible prequel
Since Jo's going to be a while doing the art for the first week of story (she's having to learn some new graphics software, and going on holiday I believe, so it's understandably going to be a little while), I'll probably do a text-prequel to the story next week, just to get things rolling a bit more (I'm getting a bit bored, because obviously I've written a chunk of script in advance, and I plotted out a large story arc before even suggesting the idea). I'd been thinking of this for a while, but talking with commonswings just now about the supplementary material in comics like Watchmen (I *do* read comics that aren't by Alan Moore, honestly - it's just he did everything any comic writer wants to do, before anyone else really) has pushed me to do something.

There are two possibilities I'm looking at using at the moment, the first is to do something along the lines of a newspaper report set in the 'present' commemorating the tenth anniversary of stuff in the 'flashback' parts of the story, using some of Jo's rough sketches as B&W newspaper photographs. The other, and more appealing idea, is that I might try to make the thing seem like reading an actual comic book from a parallel universe, and maybe do something like the old Meanwhile... columns Dick Giordano used to do for DC, or a letters page or something... not sure yet...expect something on Monday or Tuesday...

14th March 2004

pickled_jo6:09pm: Had a bit of spare time this afternoon while the *yawn* football was being watched by everyone else in the house.

Came up with a rough plan for the images on Page 2:

Sorry - it's a bit faint... :S

And here's the final plan for Page 2:

Current Mood: accomplished

12th March 2004

pickled_jo8:52pm: I doodled an image i had in my head associated with PAGE 3 *tee hee*

pickled_jo7:34pm: I re coloured it better... :D

Sorted Photoshop out. These are more the colours I had in my head:

stealthmunchkin10:59am: Well The site has finally gone live, with a placeholder image that I uploaded with the registration (Jo's sketch of three of the main characters). It says 'by Andrew Hickey' right now because it asked for a single author when I registered, and said if two names were put down the registration would be rejected, but I'll change that ASAP.

So add the site to your bookmarks, and prepare to be mildly amazed, possibly.

9th March 2004

pickled_jo8:23am: More sketches and a rough...

...It's starting to take shape. ^___^

7th March 2004

pickled_jo7:56pm: This is the first baddie-guy sketch I did...

(Ignore the writing...that was a joke ment for Robbie at work..)
pickled_jo4:53pm: I forgot to take the NMH script with me to Marky's yesterday so I couldn't do any work on the actual comics so I did a bit more character design instead....

4th March 2004

pickled_jo8:12am: It's very rough and it's not finished but here's how I pictured the Ivana character.

Sorry...I forgot to resize it...

Here she is.Collapse )

3rd March 2004

stealthmunchkin11:44am: Lucky coincidences...
Just read Frank Miller's Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again, which I downloaded yesterday. He uses some of the same ideas I'm using in the middle part of the first story arc, but takes them in a completely different direction. Now, rather than just being a clever twist, the ending to this story arc will look like a clever twist that even more cleverly subverts expectations for those who've read Miller's book.

Or something.

2nd March 2004

stealthmunchkin12:14pm: A note on structure, and on Keen-ness
Normally, the comic will be based on a structure alternating 5 pages in the 'present', in a fairly dark mode with 5 pages in the 'past', in a far more cartoony style.

Yes, I *have* read Supreme, why do you ask? The first chunk of writing will be fairly derivative of Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman, til I find my own voice, so you'll have to bear with me a bit...

In the first week, however, it will start with *one* page set in the present, before jumping back for three pages in the past and then returning to the present. The reason for this is that the first part of the story in the present has fairly little action - two men having a chat in a bar after a gig - and I wanted to break that up a little so we don't make the strip too boring. Strips 2,3 and 4 therefore will be very cartoony in nature. The dialogue in them isn't *meant* to be taken seriously...

Until I get the password for keenspace, Jo, can you upload pages as you do them to wherever you normally host your images, and post them here? I'll then upload them to the keenspace site in one go.
stealthmunchkin8:17am: Current Acount Status
Got a confirmation email from keenspace, but it said due to the problems they've had it could take up to a week to get the password. As soon as I get it I'll forward it to Jo. In the meantime I'll send a few more pages of script later today, so we'll be able to get a few comics completed before we start uploading...

1st March 2004

stealthmunchkin8:48pm: I've just signed up for keenspace, and am waiting for the confirmation email. The URL will be http://nomoreheroes.keenspace.com , and I'll forward the password to pickled_jo tomorrow, along with a couple more pages of script.

29th February 2004

pickled_jo10:40pm: Did some brainstorming tonight of how I picture the 3 main characters you wrote about.

Butcher them all you want. ^__^

(In order of how i drew them...)

Sketches:Collapse )
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