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A note on structure, and on Keen-ness

Normally, the comic will be based on a structure alternating 5 pages in the 'present', in a fairly dark mode with 5 pages in the 'past', in a far more cartoony style.

Yes, I *have* read Supreme, why do you ask? The first chunk of writing will be fairly derivative of Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman, til I find my own voice, so you'll have to bear with me a bit...

In the first week, however, it will start with *one* page set in the present, before jumping back for three pages in the past and then returning to the present. The reason for this is that the first part of the story in the present has fairly little action - two men having a chat in a bar after a gig - and I wanted to break that up a little so we don't make the strip too boring. Strips 2,3 and 4 therefore will be very cartoony in nature. The dialogue in them isn't *meant* to be taken seriously...

Until I get the password for keenspace, Jo, can you upload pages as you do them to wherever you normally host your images, and post them here? I'll then upload them to the keenspace site in one go.
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